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See the future of the Computed Tomography


STG is a family of 3D tomographic scanners developed according to your process control needs.


Finally you can monitor the quality of your products directly online.


You can get metrological information and 3D models but above all you will be able to see what happens inside your products without having to cut them or send them to external laboratories: all in a few seconds.


Automatic reports, statistical analysis, control charts, integration with your factory network: the software is entirely developed in our laboratories: we can fit it to your needs.


STG.E: specific for extrusions in plastic / rubber / aluminum.

By inserting a piece of a few centimeters STG.E will automatically get the orthogonal section and compare it with a reference dxf file.


STG.P: developed for carbon rollers, rotor blades, drone wings, it allows to analyze internal defects, voids, delamination or incorrect fiber deposition.


STG.W: perfect for carbon or light alloy rims up to 23 "


We are focused on scientific and technological research applied to industrial processes and medical applications.

Our skills range from thermo-fluid-dynamics analysis and simulations, machine vision systems, industrial tomography, robot-motion-control, image processing, data analysis and software development.

Science and technology for your business

Here some examples ...




MDA develops custom oriented solutions: CFD analysis and optimization of porous media, particle-fluid and gas-liquid separation, thermo-fluid dynamics with solid-fluid interaction, change of phase, free-surface problems.
The optimization is based on evolutionary genetic algorithms with a direct link between the solid modeling application, the mesh generator and the CFD solver. 

MDA builds fully automated test machines aimed for different technological fields: from automotive and part assembling, to medical, energy and food industry applications. Process analysis and variable-monitoring are integrated to avant-garde architectures & protocols and implemented with the latest software technologies.
Biological & cells' analysis is developed using custom designed microscopes and innovative algorithms for image processing.

MDA engineers machine vision systems from hardware to software. Standard matrix or linear IR/Visible cameras and latest computer vision libraries are integrated into industrial applications. New technologies (such as collaborative robotics) can now work in perfect synergy with state-of-art techs.
MDA also designs XRAY systems for 2D/3D applications: we range from automotive, car racing and composite materials to medical and vet field.

Imagine, simulate and test your project before you start building it

From idea to business

... a case study

How can we help surgeons to point surgical devices with the highest possible accuracy? Just using a CT scan data and a collaborative robot!

From XRAY images to 3D reconstruction 

Virtual 3D image processing and robot path planning

Pre surgery trials and tests

Goal achieved 

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