We focus on scientific and technological research applied to industrial processes and medical applications.

Our skills range from thermo-fluid-dynamics analysis and simulations, machine vision systems, robot-motion-control, image processing, data analysis and software development.

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CFD: Cyclon and particle analysis
CFD: Cyclon and particle analysis

Cells: dynamic analysis
Cells: dynamic analysis

Microscope Vision System with advanced image processing/enhancing

Crane anticollision system
Crane anticollision system

CFD: Cyclon and particle analysis
CFD: Cyclon and particle analysis



unconventional CT scanner

The Biggest Gantry CBCT SCANNER ever




MDA develops custom oriented solutions: CFD analysis and optimization of porous media, particle-fluid and gas-liquid separation, thermo-fluid dynamics with solid-fluid interaction, change of phase, free-surface problems.
The optimization is based on evolutionary genetic algorithms with a direct link between the solid modeling application, the mesh generator and the CFD solver. 

MDA builds fully automated test machines aimed for different technological fields: from automotive and part assembling, to medical, energy and food industry applications. Process analysis and variable-monitoring are integrated to avant-garde architectures & protocols and implemented with the latest software technologies.
Biological & cells' analysis is developed using custom designed microscopes and innovative algorithms for image processing.

MDA engineers machine vision systems from hardware to software. Standard matrix or linear IR/Visible cameras and latest computer vision libraries are integrated into industrial applications. New technologies (such as collaborative robotics) can now work in perfect synergy with state-of-art techs.
MDA also designs XRAY systems for 2D/3D applications: we range from automotive, car racing and composite materials to medical and vet field.

From idea to business

... a case study

How can we help surgeons to point surgical devices with the highest possible accuracy? Just using a CT scan data and a collaborative robot!

From XRAY images to 3D reconstruction 

Virtual 3D image processing and robot path planning

Pre surgery trials and tests

Goal achieved 

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