STARGATE has been designed to quickly and easily scan very long (virtually infinite) objects.
Thanks to the GANTRY architecture, STARGATE revolves around the object during the XRAY scan while the classic Industrial CT Scanner rotates the object laid down on a table: this makes STARGATE a unique industrial CBCT.

STARGATE also moves longitudinally reconstructing, in a shot, 3D slices of 1000 mm; the radiological chain, medical-grade, guarantees high reliability and allows to scan a volume of 1000 mm x 800 mm in less than 10 minutes (or 1000 x 600 mm in less than 5 minutes). Reconstruction and diagnosis can also be done off-line while the system is scanning the next object or in a cluster with an external computer to improve efficiency. 
The STARGATE's main applications are focused on qualitative analysis of structural parts in CFRP,  Al-Alloy, Mg, Plastic, Wood typically wings, propellers, tubes, very long supports, wheel rims, frames. 
Ideal integration with AM processes (Additive Manufacturing) for immediate analysis of the manufacturing results. Optimal is the use of STARGATE to intercept defects in the CFRP process: carbon fiber adhesion, cracks analysis, bubbles, porosity and comparison between the scanned model and the CAD model.


Scan FOV: 600 mm Diameter x 600 mm Height

3D Volume/MPR reconstruction

Voxel size: 500/300/200/100 um

Spatial resolution: up to 5760 shots/rev

150KV/200mA @ 30kW XRAY Power

VGStudio Max full compatible


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